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Phone: 800.334.4501
Email Address: sipeseed@pld.com; jimsipes@pld.com
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Sipes Seed Sales, Inc.                     Sipes Seed Custom Cleaning
12894 S. Road X                               Hwy 160
Manter, KS  67862                           Manter, KS  67862
620.493.4693​​​​                                   620.493.4791  
The Manter Plant, where we do our custom conditioning, by appointment only, is located on the west edge of Manter, Kansas on Hwy 160. (Blue Star)

Sipes Seed Sales, where seed may be picked up, is located 9 miles south and 6 miles west of Manter.  We have licensed scales. Call before you come so we can cut your waiting time! (Orange Star)

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Selling  Quality Seed  Wheat  for Over 75 Years
phone number: 800.334.4501
© Sipes Seed Sales, Inc.
© Sipes Seed Sales, Inc.