Your best yield potential comes from planting certified seed wheat. However, we realize that saving your own seed to plant (bin run seed) is a common practice. To help our customers make the most of this seed, we offer custom seed cleaning at our Manter, KS seed conditioning facility.

Your seed is run through a Clipper seed cleaner and turned into a better product while you wait.

In order to get an appointment at the time most convenient to your schedule, please be sure to call 620.493.4791 as soon as possible. We begin cleaning seed on August 1 and run until about October 10th.

Please be aware of the patent law on your seed variety. Most wheat cannot be sold or traded to another person for seed purposes without proper authorization as well as testing.​​ Rule of common sense # 1: Papered/certified seed wheat comes with test results for purity, germination, and positive identification of variety. A deal for unpapered wheat has no guarantees. Don't bet the farm on the unknown.
Even if you don't buy new seed this year, cleaning your seed will make a huge difference to your bottom line - make an appointment today!

Call​​ 620.493.4791
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